“Education is knowledge, equality and growth.”


       We plan to develop a world-class kindergarten and elementary school inspires influential development including knowledge, motivation and determination to bring children to the world.


  1. We propose to influence creativity, innovation and leadership.
  2. We propose to inspire international influence and progress to our children
  3. We propose to develop our children’s awareness based on integrated skills including a vast range of international languages, cultures and traditions.
  4. We propose to influence a nurturing environment that naturally encourages productive growth and development of our children.
  5. We propose to influence a since of individual national identity within each of our student that takes pride in our children’s culture, values and tradition.
Values and Culture Super Teacher KWS

  • Our teachers are proficiently attentive to development of our youth.
  • Our teachers conduct respectful environment that is conducive to shared ideas. Ø Our teachers provide a nurturing environment dedicated to developing growth.
  • Our teachers maintain a professional environment which is mutually respectful to reciprocity.
  • Our teachers maintain a friendly, humorous, sociable grace that is warm, and welcoming to every member. 
  • Our teachers influence and integrate productive development within our children.

The concept of education KWS.

 Love is the foundation upon which our school was built. Dr. Puttima Ruktanatuch (Kru.Madee) is very passionate about developing a nurturing environment that influences growth and proficiency for our children. The most valuable gift developed within our children is their integrated social skills. These skills were influenced by Dr. Puttima Ruktanatuch (Kru.Madee). Kru. Madee envisioned an ideal school focused on developing the relationships of students, teachers and patterning conditioned social interactions. These relationships were established through practical scenarios incorporating problem solving skills through role playing scenarios. Conditioned social interactions were inherently determined by each member’s feeling of acceptance. It takes patience and determination to develop enjoyable teaching methods that meet the requirements of each child. Greetings with smiles and lovely expressions influentially patterns conditioned communication. Productivity and feedback established the opportunity to work creatively, design and develop activities within the classroom environment. Knowledge acquisition was developed through brainstorming and establishing ideas that progressively patterned behavior to match desired social interaction. It’s possible to pattern and condition a caring and compassionate society through meritocratic behavioral cycles of integrity, sincerity, humility and providing mercy to each other. There are not many schools that encourage teachers to express their beliefs, ideas and feelings within the classroom. Fostering nurturing growth based on a collective creative ability can pattern and condition influential progress within the classroom setting. Providing the opportunity for children to contribute to the situation conditions patterned behavior desirable for social interaction. They have been entrusted as important partners in the school with the understanding of the Kru.Madee.

 Each teacher brazenly envisions the belief of influencing a patterned condition of social interaction as they step forward through the great white arch. They realize the passion as they incorporate the foundation of the Kongfa Wattanawit School. Children’s smiles, and laughter fill the atmosphere. The image set forth by the Kongfa Wattanawit School remains ingrained in the memory forever. The atmosphere that rest beyond the great white arch is the ideal school everlasting in the memories of happy children. The school focuses on developing a nurturing environment through every aspect of child progressive development. The Kongfa Wattanawit school has been and always will be the school that inspires students to live an inherently happy life.

Teachers inspire the full potential impacted within the children’s imagination established by the activities, events, interactions and memories of the ideal form. Learners can plan their learning using KWL CHART. The KWL CHART is the (Know, Want to Know and Learned.) It is important for the child to develop three ideas which include (What is known?, What do you want to know?, What did you learn?, and How did you apply it?) Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future. The learning process should maintain consistency with growth while maintain its meaningful, challenging, and systematic characteristics.  KWS's educational philosophy is to establish a truly developmental foundation for the school. Schools are not just products that offer marketing strategies. Learning management within the school emphasizes respect between teachers and students. Respecting and sharing with each other, with the exception of the children, is the only way to be respected. The learning management environment in education is filled with intuition, the freedom of thought and expression. Every child born on this planet maintains six senses which include sight, smell, sound, taste, feelings, and the mental capability of processing the previously mentioned. Each of these six senses are subject to illusory perception which determines the capacity that each of these six senses impact the learning process. Memories are also processed by illusory perceptions. The skills developed within our memory become retentive. Intelligence is determined by retentively processed information. There are various forms of intelligence and various levels of retention. Learning activities that occur within a KWS school will be the implementation of the concept. Research or Educational Theory and brain work is designed to be a variety of learning activities, fun, consistent with nature, Development, Principles of Brain Growth Psychology and the needs of children individually, which have the aptitude, liking and style of learning are different. In order for children to see that learning is a happy activity and can help children have a habit of learning. Every child will not see learning as a matter of boredom, and children learn from practice, which will allow them to build their knowledge. The KWS school-based learning model has been used extensively since the inception of the school. It is a learning activity based on prefect approach, which is deep learning. Integrating all the subjects under the topic of children's interests and the belief in the potential of each child's brain is intellectually capable. Different intelligence, but different abilities, if properly trained, will lead to success. All this is consistent with the theory of multiple intelligences.(Prof.Dr.Howard Gardner).

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